I’ve been doing a bit more speaking lately. Since I don’t have a ton of time to contribute to Open Source, speaking is an easier way for me to give back to the community from which I have so heavily borrowed from.

Puppet Development Workflow

This is a talk I gave at Puppet Camp Chicago on the development workflow we’ve used at Puppet.

Chicago PuppetCamp 2015

It Sounded Good on Paper - Leassons Learned from the Puppet Trenches

This talk was given at PuppetConf 2015. It’s really just a list of all the horrible mistakes we made with Puppet so that you don’t have to. Sharing is caring. :)

PuppetConf 2015

Brainstorming Failure

Monitoring is kind of a big deal. But once you get past the best hits of CPU, RAM and Disk utilization,what do you monitor? Stealing some tools from other industries we’ve followed a process that will help you identify the most important things your OPS team should be monitoring.

Brainstorming Failure

Starting With C. Implementing a DevOps Culture from the Ground Up

I’ve started working on a series of talks with regards to CAMS. (Culture, Automation, Measurement/Metrics and Sharing) This is the first in the series that I gave at the DevOps Chicago Meetup group. I hope to give the next talk in the series in March of 2016.

Starting with C

DevOps: What’s Buried in the Fine Print

I gave this talk at DevOps Days Minneapolis in 2016. It ‘s a bit of a walkthrough of my experience with Grubhub as we made our way through the DevOps journey.

DevOps: What's Buried in the Fine Print

Dungeons and Dragons and DevOps

My first ignite talk! Comparing the process of creating a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, with building a DevOps team.

Dungeons and Dragons and DevOps